Workshop Proceedings


Nerbonne, John; Ellison, Mark T.; Kondrak, Grzegorz (eds) Proceedings of the Ninth Meeting of the ACL Special Interest Group on Computational Morphology and Phonology Prague, Czech Republic, June 2007. ACL.

John Nerbonne; T. Mark Ellison; Grzegorz Kondrak (2007)
Computing and Historical Phonology
Brett Kessler (2007)
Word Similarity Metrics and Multilateral Comparison
T. Mark Ellison (2007)
Bayesian Identification of Cognates and Correspondences
Antonella Gaillard-Corvaglia; Jean-Léo Léonard; Pierre Darlu (2007)
Testing Cladistics on Dialect Networks and Phyla (Gallo-Romance Vowels, Southern Italo-Romance Diasystems and Mayan Languages)
Wilbert Heeringa; Brian Joseph (2007)
The Relative Divergence of Dutch Dialect Pronunciations from their Common Source: An Exploratory Study
Anil Kumar Singh; Harshit Surana (2007)
Can Corpus Based Measures be Used for Comparative Study of Languages?
Martijn Wieling; Therese Leinonen; John Nerbonne (2007)
Inducing Sound Segment Differences Using Pair Hidden Markov Models
Eric Smith (2007)
Phonological Reconstruction of a Dead Language Using the Gradual Learning Algorithm
Monojit Choudhury; Vaibhav Jalan; Sudeshna Sarkar; Anupam Basu (2007)
Evolution, Optimization, and Language Change: The Case of Bengali Verb Inflections
Hans Goebl (2007)
On the Geolinguistic Change in Northern France between 1300 and 1900: A Dialectometrical Inquiry
Thomas Pilz; Axel Philipsenburg; Wolfram Luther (2007)
Visualizing the Evaluation of Distance Measures
Hermann Moisl (2007)
Data Nonlinearity in Exploratory Multivariate Analysis of Language Corpora
Animesh Mukherjee; Monojit Choudhury; Anupam Basu; Niloy Ganguly (2007)
Emergence of Community Structures in Vowel Inventories: An Analysis Based on Complex Networks
Michael Cysouw; Hagen Jung (2007)
Cognate Identification and Alignment Using Practical Orthographies
Christian Monson; Jaime Carbonell; Alon Lavie; Lori Levin (2007)
ParaMor: Minimally Supervised Induction of Paradigm Structure and Morphological Analysis
Tyler Peterson; Gessiane Picanco (2007)
Dynamic Correspondences: An Object-Oriented Approach to Tracking Sound Reconstructions
Grzegorz Kondrak; David Beck; Philip Dilts (2007)
Creating a Comparative Dictionary of Totonac-Tepehua

SIGPHON #8, 2006

Wicentowski, Richard and Kondrak, Grzegorz (eds) Proceedings of the Eighth Meeting of the ACL Special Interest Group on Computational Phonology and Morphology New York City, June 2006. HLT-NAACL.

Lynette Melnar; Chen Liu (2006)
A Combined Phonetic-Phonological Approach to Estimating Cross-Language Phoneme Similarity in an ASR Environment
Karin Müller (2006)
Improving Syllabification Models with Phonotactic Knowledge
Jeffrey Heinz (2006)
Learning Quantity Insensitive Stress Systems via Local Inference
Paul Boersma (2006)
Invited Talk: Universal Constraint Rankings Result from Learning and Evolution
Aris Xanthos; Yu Hu; John Goldsmith (2006)
Exploring variant definitions of pointer length in MDL
Antal van den Bosch; Sander Canisius (2006)
Improved morpho-phonological sequence processing with constraint satisfaction inference
Gaja Jarosz (2006)
Richness of the Base and Probabilistic Unsupervised Learning in Optimality Theory
Burcu Karagol-Ayan; David Doermann; Amy Weinberg (2006)
Morphology Induction from Limited Noisy Data Using Approximate String Matching
Erwin Chan (2006)
Learning Probabilistic Paradigms for Morphology in a Latent Class Model
Harald Hammarström (2006)
A Naive Theory of Affixation and an Algorithm for Extraction

SIGPHON #7, 2004

Goldsmith, John and Wicentowski, Richard (eds) Proceedings of the Seventh Meeting of the ACL Special Interest Group in Computational Phonology Barcelona, Spain, July 2004. ACL.

Andrew Wedel (2004)
Category competition drives contrast maintenance within an exemplar-based production/perception loop
Vito Pirrelli; Basilio Calderone; Ivan Herreros; Michele Virgilio (2004)
Non-locality all the way through: Emergent Global Constraints in the Italian Morphological Lexicon
Monojit Choudhury; Anupam Basu; Sudeshna Sarkar (2004)
A Diachronic Approach for Schwa Deletion in Indo Aryan Languages
Julie Carson-Berndsen; Robert Kelly; Moritz Neugebauer (2004)
Automatic Acquisition of Feature-Based Phonotactic Resources
Sharon Goldwater; Mark Johnson (2004)
Priors in Bayesian Learning of Phonological Rules
Mathias Creutz; Krista Lugas (2004)
Induction of a Simple Morphology for Highly-Inflecting Languages
Christian Monson; Alon Lavie; Jaime Carbonell; Lori Levin (2004)
Unsupervised Induction of Natural Language Morphology Inflection Classes
Guy De Pauw; Tom Laureys; Walter Daelemans; Hugo Van hamme (2004)
A Comparison of Two Different Approaches to Morphological Analysis of Dutch
Richard Wicentowski (2004)
Multilingual Noise-Robust Supervised Morphological Analysis using the WordFrame Model
C. Anton Rytting (2004)
Segment Predictability as a Cue in Word Segmentation: Application to Modern Greek
Kemal Oflazer; Yasin Yılmaz (2004)
Vi-xfst: A Visual Regular Expression Development Environment for Xerox Finite State Tool

SIGPHON #6, 2002

Maxwell, Michael (ed) Proceedings of the Sixth Meeting of the ACL Special Interest Group in Computational Phonology Philadelphia, July 2002. ACL.

Utpal Sharma; Jugal Kalita; Rajib Das (2002)
Unsupervised Learning of Morphology for Building Lexicon for a Highly Inflectional Language
Matthew G. Snover; Gaja E. Jarosz; Michael R. Brent (2002)
Unsupervised Learning of Morphology Using a Novel Directed Search Algorithm: Taking the First Step
Mathias Creutz; Krista Lagus (2002)
Unsupervised Discovery of Morphemes
Sylvain Neuvel; Sean A. Fulop (2002)
Unsupervised Learning of Morphology Without Morphemes
Mikhail Belkin; John Goldsmith (2002)
Using eigenvectors of the bigram graph to infer morpheme identity
Marco Baroni; Johannes Matiasek; Harald Trost (2002)
Unsupervised discovery of morphologically related words based on orthographic and semantic similarity
Adam Albright; Bruce Hayes (2002)
Modeling English Past Tense Intuitions with Minimal Generalization
Karin Müller (2002)
Probabilistic Context-Free Grammars for Phonology

SIGPHON #5, 2000

Eisner, Jason, Lauri Karttunen and Alain Thériault (eds) Proceedings of the Fifth Meeting of the ACL Special Interest Group in Computational Phonology Luxembourg, August 2000. COLING.

Beesley, Kenneth R. and Lauri Karttunen (2000)
Finite-state non-concatenative morphotactics
Walther, Markus (2000)
Temiar reduplication in one-level prosodic morphology
Eisner, Jason (2000)
Easy and hard constraint ranking in OT: algorithms and complexity
Gerdemann, Dale and Gertjan van Noord (2000)
Approximation and exactness in finite state Optimality Theory
Belz, Anja (2000)
Multi-syllable phonotactic modelling
Albro, Daniel M. (2000)
Taking Primitive Optimality Theory beyond the finite state

SIGPHON #4, 1998

Ellison, Mark (ed) Proceedings of the Fourth Meeting of the ACL Special Interest Group in Computational Phonology. Quebec, July 1998. ACL.

Albro, Daniel M. (1998)
Three formal extensions to Primitive Optimality Theory
Belz, Anja (1998)
An approach to the automatic acquisition of phonotactic constraints
Blair, Alan D. and John Ingram (1998)
Loanword formation: a neural network approach
Kim, Hyouk-Keun (1998)
Generating interlanguage syllabification in Optimality Theory
Trommer, Jochen (1998)
Optimal Morphology
Walther, Markus (1998)
Computing declarative prosodic morphology

SIGPHON #3, 1997

Coleman, John (ed) Proceedings of the Third Meeting of the ACL Special Interest Group in Computational Phonology. Madrid, July 1997. ACL.

Bird, Steven (1997)
A lexical database tool for quantitative phonological research
Coleman, John and Janet Pierrehumbert (1997)
Stochastic phonological grammars and acceptability
de Boer, Bart (1997)
Self organisation in vowel systems through imitation
Nerbonne, John and Wilbert Heeringa (1997)
Measuring dialect distance phonetically
Raman, Anand, John Newman and Jon Patrick (1997)
A complexity measure for diachronic Chinese phonology
Skoumalova, Hana (1997)
A Czech morphological lexicon
Carré, René and Maria Mody (1997)
Prediction of vowel and consonant place of articulation
Kiraz, George Anton (1997)
Linearization of nonlinear lexical representations

SIGPHON #2, 1996

Sproat, Richard (ed) Computational Phonology in Speech Technology. Proceedings of the Second Meeting of the ACL Special Interest Group in Computational Phonology. Santa Cruz, July 1996. ACL.

Coleman, John, Arthur Dirksen, Sarmad Hussain & Juliette Waals (1996)
Multilingual phonological analysis and speech synthesis
Lee, WonIl, Geunbae Lee & Jong-Hyeok Lee (1996)
Phonological modeling for continuous speech recognition in Korean
Fujimura, Osamu & Donna Erickson (1996)
Prosodic organization of speech signals: recent development in the C/D model
Broe, Michael (1996)
A generalized information-theoretic measure for systems of phonological classification and recognition
Deng, Li (1996)
Finite-state automata derived from overlapping articulatory features: a novel phonological construct for speech recognition
Henton, Caroline (1996)
Animated synthetic speech: the phonetic components
Kirchhoff, Katrin (1996)
Phonologically structured HMMs for speech recognition
Lüngen, Harald, Martina Pampel, Guido Drexel, Dafydd Gibbon, Frederek Althoff & Christoph Schillo (1996)
Morphology and speech technology
Maghbouleh, Arman (1996)
An empirical comparison of automatic decision tree and hand-configured linear models for vowel durations
Niklfeld, Georg & Kai Alter (1996)
Covering prosody in concept-to-speech via an extended two-level phonology component

SIGPHON #1, 1994

Bird, Steven (ed) Proceedings of the First Meeting of the ACL Special Interest Group in Computational Phonology. Las Cruces, July 1994. ACL.

Bird, Steven (1994)
Automated tone transcription
Cartwright, Timothy & Michael R. Brent (1994)
Segmenting speech without a lexicon: The roles of phonotactics and speech source
Ellison, Mark (1994)
Constraints, Exceptions and Representations
Mastroianni, Michael and Bob Carpenter (1994)
Constraint-based morpho-phonology
Maxwell, Michael (1994)
Parsing using linearly ordered phonological rules
Bourgeois, Thomas C. and Richard T. Oehrle (1994)
Qualitative and quantitative dynamics of vowels
Penn, Gerald and Richmond Thomason (1994)
Default finite state machines and finite state phonology
Williams, Sheila (1994)
Lexical phonology and speech style: using a model to test a theory

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